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Arizona House Bill 2675: News Report JMC 305

A new bill is going through the Arizona House for a final vote. This bill, also called HB2675, would require students at any public university in Arizona to pay an out-of-pocket fee of  $2,000 dollars. In other words, students who rely on paying their tuition with grants and FASA’s will need to find another way to come up with the $2,000 dollars.

It is pretty obvious many students are upset about this bill since a lot of students think it will be hard to come up with that amount of money with a normally low paying job.

If students find they cannot make that amount of money or their relatives will not give it to them, students will need to get a loan from banks like chase, bank of America or Wells Fargo.

Students and those opposing the bill believe if this were to occur, students would need to take more time out of their school schedule to work to pay off the $2,000 loan.

On the other side of the fence however, many Arizona tax residents are very happy about the bill because as of now, working Arizonians are paying for student’s tuition through their taxes.

Last year Arizona State University President Michael Crow stated at least half of the students at ASU received free tuition.

Rep. John Kavanagh said Crow’s numbers took him back. He created the bill to lessen the burden on taxpayers. He is a strong sponsor of the bill along with Rep. Michelle Ugenti who tells students, “Welcome to life”.

Even though a majority of students protested this bill, it won in the committee in a 7-6 vote. Soon the bill will go to the full House for a vote. In the mean time, students are trying to make sure they get a bigger voice and make sure the House knows the repercussions the bill will have. In order to do so, students are gathering, petitioning and informing other students about the bill.


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